Republican Candidate
for U. S. Congress - 30th District
Dear Friends,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you’ve provided to Victor and the entire Victor Elizalde for Congress campaign team. For without YOU, and God’s grace, this campaign would not have been possible.

As most of you know, Victor won the Primary election in March as the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress and went on to the November 2nd General Election, where he was defeated. However, did you know:

-          Elizalde received more than 82,000 votes - a record number of votes for any previous challenger running against the 30-year incumbent. In fact, Elizalde’s vote count was 64% greater than Henry Waxman’s best challenger ever and 95% better than the Republican challenger in the 2000 General Election.

-          Elizalde received the second largest number of votes among Republican challengers in the state of California. The greatest number of votes was for Jeff Ketelson, who won 85,000 votes, but also was defeated.

-          Elizalde was personally invited to meet with President Bush, party officials and White House staffers as part of a small delegation of Republican challengers.   As a result of these meetings, Elizalde maintains a voice and close relationship with legislators in Washington D.C.

-          Elizalde received more positive press than any other Congressional Candidates in Southern California. Victor set new federal election guidelines through his innovative marketing efforts, placing the first political movie trailers in theatres in the entertainment capital and getting coverage for activities that were considered “out of the box” in terms of political campaigning.

While we are disappointed that Victor did not take home the victory in 2004, we are confident that the results of his first election reflect everyone’s hard work and a bright future for the candidate and the party. We also know this campaign would not have performed to its optimum without the help of the Los Angeles Republican Party, our families, contributors, friends and dedicated volunteers who spent countless hours working to better the community.

We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

  Victor Elizalde

(From left to right in above photo from Election night)
Jean-Marie Winikates
Aaron Celious
Ryan Hansen
Victor Elizalde
Kathryn Hansen
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